Nelly Shika and Charlene Davidson

Nelly Shika and Charlene Davidson

It all started when…

The idea for House of Hope started many years ago when Nelly Shika and Charlene Davidson discussed the very serious issue of children being orphaned and affected by poverty in South Africa. Nelly was seeing first hand the devastating effects it was having on her community. At that time very little was being done to tackle the crisis. We looked at various ways to address the needs of these children. Our initial idea was to create a community centre where children would be able to come after school.

In 2013 we founded the House of Hope organisation in South Africa. The community of Soshanguve supported the idea as they got more familiar with our intentions. In 2016 the headmaster of Rabetswe Primary School approached us with advice on what he considered to be the immediate needs of their most disadvantaged children. They needed breakfast!

In 2017 we built our House of Hope Breakfast Kitchen, situated right across from the Rabetswe Primary School. The children who need our assistance come each morning for a nutritious meal before school.

What makes our centre unique is its central location where we are part of the community and therefore are able to work together to identify the needs of our children.