Our Impact…

Children from House of Hope

What impact have our projects made?

Breakfast Kitchen:

  • Some of the children have increased their meals from 2 to 3 per day which has improved their overall health

  • Teachers have confirmed their ability to focus and concentrate in school has improved

  • House of Hope has built their sense of identity and belonging in the community

  • They have built up a relationship of trust with the House of Hope team

  • The support and encouragement they receive from the team has helped them stay in school

  • The children have initiated their own projects amongst themselves

  • The centre has become a safe space where they know they will be cared for

Football Team:

We are very pleased that this idea came from children’s own initiative. It has brought huge enthusiasm and we note the strong sense of purpose it gives the children as they have something exciting to look forward to. As it is still in its early stages we will report more on the impact as it develops in the following months.